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Congratulations to Cameron County High School Freshman Emilie for completing the Wildlife Leadership Academy (WLA) Field Schools this summer. WLA is a five-day residential camp for Pennsylvania students aged 14-17 that will forever change the way young people see the outdoors. Students spend the week exploring their passions with teens from all over the State learning how to protect the legacy of our wildlife for years to come. Guided by the State’s top biologists, professionals and sportsman, each Field School will introduce the student to the biology, habitat and conservation issues that impact a single species, Gobblers (Wild Turkey) and Ursids (Black Bear). Emilie’s tuition was paid for through Black Forest Potter County Conservation School and Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities. Other WLA Field Schools are Bucktails where the focus is on White-Tailed Deer. Brook Trout and cold-water fisheries are center stage to Brookies School and Ruffed Grouse is the focus of WLA’s Drummers School. As a student at any of these schools, he / she will receive hands-on training in nature, interact directly with wildlife professionals, learn the newest research and technology in the field, discover the beauty of the outdoors and develop key leadership skills. By the end of the five days at field school, the student will be inspired and empowered - ready to begin their future as a Conservation Ambassador in their community.


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