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CCOYA's partnership with the Cameron County School District has been incredibly rewarding since our inception in 2011! We are proud of this ongoing collaboration and are excited for what's to come.

We work closely with an outstanding lineup at CCSD - including administrators, faculty members and staff. See what some of these great folks have to say below.


CCOYA thanks you, CCSD!

“The relationship between Cameron County School District and Cameron County Outdoor Youth is a strong one, as both organizations are committed to providing as many educational opportunities as is possible for our youth. CCOYA provides opportunities for CCSD students that I have not seen in other districts. Without the assistance of CCOYA, and especially Don Bickford, I do not believe we would have programs such as trout in the classroom, pheasant hatching, hunter safety education, or even the Envirothon in our district. Additionally, I am unaware of any other organization that provides the quality hunting and fishing learning opportunities as well as environmental field trips for the youth of their community. Working with CCOYA has been a tremendous experience. The generosity of the Andrews family is simply unmatched.”


Cameron County School District Superintendent

"Mr. Bickford and CCOYA have been involved in almost every field trip that the third grade classes take. In the fall we have the pleasure of going to Mr. Andrews' farm to release the pheasants that were hatched in the previous spring. The children receive information about the pheasants, release a few of them into the fields around Andrews' Farm, and then have some more educational sessions setup before we head back to school. Mr Bickford is able to network quite well and usually brings the Conservation District in on our field trip to Andrews' Farm in order to introduce our Trout in the Classroom.


Speaking of Trout in the Classroom, the reason that my class has an aquarium is through the efforts of Mr. Bickford and CCOYA. In order to have all third-graders experience Trout in the Classroom, Mr. Bickford and CCOYA secured a grant to provide the equipment necessary to participate in the program. Each year Mr. Bickford and CCOYA help provide necessary supplies to run Trout in the Classroom as well as plan and prepare our release day in April at Sizerville State Park.


Finally, Mr. Bickford helps us by providing pheasant eggs for us to incubate and hatch in the spring and the circle of life becomes full once again. The children love our field trips and learning experiences that they have with Mr. Bickford and CCOYA. I cannot thank Mr. Bickford and Mr. Andrews enough for all they do for the third grade classrooms at Woodland Elementary School! It is a pleasure to work with both."


Cameron County School District Teacher

"As an Envirothon advisor and the Outdoor Club advisor I work with Mr. Bickford and CCOYA frequently.


Without Mr. Bickford and this organization our students would not be able to participate in many of the valuable experiences that we are able to coordinate. Mr. Bickford has been extremely helpful to us in organizing and securing the funds

for a variety of experiences for our students.


CCOYA and Mr.

Bickford provide opportunities for our youth that I am certain would not be available without them!"


Cameron County School District Teacher

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