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"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life." — John Muir

CCOYA believes strongly in the value of mentorship - in how it can inspire confidence, shape a young mind's strength and ambition, and be an overwhelming influence for good.

Some of CCOYA's mentoring moments include:

CCOYA_021419 (143).JPG
  • Coordinates a program for three 2nd grade classes to learn about water protection and honey bees. Each class has the opportunity to fish a freshly stocked pond under the guidance of eight 6th grade student mentors. The program is led by a local bee keeper, Cameron County Conservation District and several CCOYA volunteers.

  • Arranges programs at Andrews Farm for Cameron County High School Life Skills students that are focused on animal identification using furs, skulls and track / scat replicas, water protection, bluebird education, and fishing. CCOYA, along with other high-school students, provide mentorship during this event.

  • Organizes and sponsors an annual youth pheasant hunt. Each youth hunter is paired with a volunteer mentor hunter and trained bird dog.

  • Coordinates field trips for the Cameron County High School Outdoor Club to various local historical sites, including the coke ovens, two ghost towns supported by the coal industry in mid—late 1800’s and The Cameron County Little Museum.

  • Successfully promoted the inclusion of National Archery (NASP) in the Cameron County School District's middle and high school curriculum. 

  • Plan and manage night-sky viewing events and programs for the Cameron County High School Outdoor Club and advanced science class.

  • Coordinated and co-sponsored Cameron County High School students competing in the Pennsylvania State NASP tournament in State College, PA.

  • Coordination of the annual wild-game dinner in partnership with an area church.

  • Teaching Cameron County Life Skills classes about positive conservation practices.

  • Pheasants in the classroom - a program to teach students about embryology, incubation and release.

  • Co-sponsor, plan and host youth fishing events including the Drum and Henry Fishing Derby, an annual event since 1954.

  • Coordinate and manage hands-on trout stocking programs.

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