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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Third grade students from Mrs. Wilson’s and Mr. Jones classes recently made their annual visit to the Andrews Farm. The field trip is sponsored by Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA) and is the final stage of the 2019 Pheasants in the Classroom program. Earlier this spring 12 classrooms in the Woodland Elementary school incubated and hatched pheasants from eggs received from Rowans Outback Game Birds in Corsica, Pa. This is a fun and educational program that the students learn about science, biology and responsibility. At the Andrews Farm the students learned a lot of cool facts about the pheasants from CCOYA’S Don Bickford. They learned how to tell the difference between males and females, what the pheasants’ diet consists of and the type of habitat they live in. They also were shown examples of the different types of food sources available to the birds on the Andrews Farm. The group then hiked to the sorghum fields where six pheasants were released in the wild that were donated by Fox Township Sportsmans Club. After releasing the pheasants the students enjoyed a treat of cider and donuts supplied by CCOYA. Bickford would like to thank the School District, Rowans Outback Game Birds, Fox Township Sportsmans Club, and the many other individuals that have helped make this program a success.


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