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Local kids outward bound in Emporium

Courtesy of Endeavor News.

Summer has become a time of learning and out­door adventures for young people in Cameron County, thanks to a community- wide effort.

Cameron County Recreation Center and Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA) are conducting a series of outdoor experiences during the break in the school year “During our programs we not only try to make young people aware of the nature around them, we also try to incorporate physical activity, which is something many young people are lacking today,” explained CCOYA’s Don Bickford.

During the first session, based at the South Park Playground, Bickford kicked off things with a discussion of wildlife that can be found in the forest, but also in town. Many species, particularly birds, take up residence in the community.

All they require, Bick­ford told the kids, are food, water, shelter, and space.

Next stop was the West Creek Recreation Trail for a short hike to conduct a bird search and scavenger hike. Steve Manginell of the Pa. Lumber Heritage Re­gion greeted the kids at the organization’s informational kiosk on Emporium’s west end. He discussed the chapters of Cameron County’s history, including the lumber era.

Manginell noted that the railroad grade that is now the recreation trail was once used to transport logs to market.

At the Big Flag Memorial on Emporium’s west end, Jenn Dixon from VFW Post dis­cussed what the flag and the many monuments found there represent. She also talked about area military personnel who have sacrificed for our nation.

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