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Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA) recently delivered 500 pheasant eggs to Cameron County School District. This year there are 20 class rooms at the Woodland School that are participating in the program. Each class room is equipped with an incubator that is hoped to hatch about 25 eggs. “I would like to thank Rowans Outback Game Birds for helping us keep our program alive. With Scott Rowans help we can continue as we have in the past.” When eggs arrived at the school Mrs. Wilson and her third grade students took on the responsibility to deliver the eggs to the classrooms. Once hatched, the young pheasants will be raised to adults by Rowans Outback Game Birds, then released into the wild this fall at Andrews Farm. This project is made possible by the local 4-H and Penn State Extension Office along with Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA) that together provide the equipment and resources for the program. Don Bickford stated, “This is the 11th year that we have helped coordinate this program. It is an amazing program that teaches students not only about science and biology, but also responsibility.” He goes on to say, “We are grateful that the School District is so supportive of this project. It is so rewarding to see the students so excited and involved. This program has really become something that both students and faculty look forward to each year.”


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