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CCOYA, CCCD and CC Longbeards/NWTF coordinate Jan Hampton Youth Conservation Night at The Fair.

I would like to thank all the volunteers and exhibitors that took the time to help us at the "Jan Hampton Youth Conservation Night" ON August 4. The event is co-sponsored by Cameron County Long Beards Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation and will also be considered a Chapter JAKES event. JAKES is acronym for Juniors Acquiring knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship. Other Co-sponsors are Cameron County Conservation District (CCCD) and Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA). There were plenty of exhibitors on hand with several fun activities utilizing an Outdoor Conservation theme. Although the focus is educating our area youth the adults had fun and learned about conservation as well. Conservation organizations that attended this event were Cameron County Conservation District and Cameron County Long Beards/NWTF. CCOYA was exhibiting as well and brought along the popular Safe archery range available to introduce young people to shooting sports. Cameron County Family Center was present with crafts and other fun activities for the little ones. An archery range set up using the National Archery in the Schools equipment on loan from Sinnemahoning State Park. Instructors for Cameron County’s 4H Air Rifle team were also on site with an Air Rifle pellet gun range. This was another great opportunity to introduce a young person to shooting sports and perhaps consider joining the Air Rifle team in January 2021. Rich Valley Apiary was set up to introduce people to Honey Bees and the importance of Honey bees in our natural world. There were several other exhibits that had on displays from reptiles to monarch butterflies. This was a Family fun event in a safe and friendly environment. It was great to support the Cameron County Fair and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication to the Fair organizers by participating.


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