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Cameron County students recently had the opportunity to visit the 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. The trip coordinated by Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA) is the largest indoor agricultural event in the nation, featuring nearly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits and 300 commercial exhibitors. The students visited many of the educational exhibits that showcase Pennsylvania number one Industry—Agriculture. Don Bickford of CCOYA and one of the chaperones stated “I am grateful that our School District sees the value in allowing students to visit the Farm Show to learn more about Pennsylvania’s agriculture. This is great way to learn about good environmental conservation measures and where our food comes from in a fun and engaging way.” Along with the various exhibit’s there are large exposition halls that students can get an up-close look at different species of horses, chickens, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats and other farm animals. The students also saw this year’s butter sculpture, one of the main attractions at the show. Made from a half-ton of butter that has been transformed into a sculpture celebrating Pennsylvania's dairy industry and heralding the start of the state's 104THFarm Show. This years' butter sculpture theme, "East Meets West at the Pennsylvania Farm Show," features three of Pennsylvania's most beloved, buttery sports mascots – Philadelphia Eagles' Swoop, Pittsburgh Steelers' Steely McBeam, and Philadelphia Flyers' Gritty. They are shown tailgating with a spread of dairy foods, illustrating that with Pennsylvania dairy, every day is game day. After the show the sculpture will be taken to a farm in Juniata County and turned into energy in a methane digester.


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