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Cameron County Conservation District, Cameron County Family Center, Cameron County Recreation Center and Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities recently sponsored 20 Cameron County youth on a bus trip to Elk Country Visitor Center to attend their 3rd annual Youth Elk Camp. It was an amazing and educational day for all the young people that attended. Students rotated through educational stations that included, learning how to identify if an animal is carnivore, herbivore or omnivore by studying their skulls and teeth. Students also learned about owls unique digestion system and dissected owl pellets to identify what the owls food source was. Other stations included nature art and a game to help better understand what elk need to survive in the wilds such as air, food, water and shelter. Each student also had the opportunity to watch the 4D educational Elk movie. Special thanks to STA Bussing that provided transportation to the Elk Country Visitor Center. Registration for Cameron County youth that attended elk camp was paid for by the sponsors. This was a great learning experience from some of the most passionate conservation experts in the State. Thank You Keystone Elk Country Alliance, presenters and volunteers for providing this opportunity.


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