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stream stomp

Cameron County Recreation Center, Cameron County Conservation District (CCCD) and CCOYA offered another great program on July 20 for the youth doing what we refer to as “A Stream Stomp.” Todd DeLuccia and Jon-Marc Burdick of CCCD taught the students about the different Macro Invertebrates found in our streams and talked about the life cycles of these fascinating creatures. The weather was perfect for this type of program. After learning about what they may find, the students were taught how to use kick nets and entered the stream to see what they could find. Students were very surprised at the many different species of macro invertebrates they found. With the help of Todd and Jon-Marc, each species was identified and students enjoyed a closer look with magnifying glasses. What kid doesn’t like to spend some quality time in the stream on a hot summer day? Participants also enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by CCOYA.


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