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CCOYA Thanks Peoples Security Bank

CCOYA extends the upmost gratitude to Peoples Security Bank and Trust of Scranton, Pa. for their generous donation of $2500.00 to Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities (CCOYA). Peoples Security Bank & Trust is one of the largest independent community banks in eastern Pennsylvania. Peoples Security Bank and Trust is an eligible Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) donor. CCOYA is also eligible to receive EITC donations for many of their programs and distributions are made through CCOYA partner, Common Wealth Charitable Management of Montrose, Pa. This donation will be used to purchase materials and resources to enhance the Cameron County High School Envirothon program to better prepare our students that participate in the Pa. Envirothon each year. There are five topic areas of PA. Envirothon that students learn about each year and are tested on their knowledge. Those topics are Soils and Land use, Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology and Current Environmental issues.


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